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Our beers

Made from natural spring water, subtle malts, the finest hops and… centuries of Dutch brewing heritage. Our beers are defined by the excellent quality and mild bitter taste of the original created in 1671. Getting thirsty? Discover our ever-expanding range of lagers and specialties.

Since 1671

Our story began nearly 350 years ago, when two Dutch entrepreneurs started a brewery in the city of Rotterdam. They proudly named it Oranjeboom, as a tribute to the Royal Dutch family, also known as The House of Orange. Becoming one of the largest breweries in the country, we were the first to extend our horizon and started exporting our beers in the 18th century. What began as a Dutch adventure is a global brand today, with Oranjeboom being enjoyed by consumers all over the world.


We are extremely proud of our Dutch roots and want to tell the Oranjeboom story to the world. Our Add Some Dutch campaign champions famous icons of the Netherlands and celebrates the adventurous and independent spirit that characterize its habitants. Here’s to a one-of-a-kind beer!


Oranjeboom fans are sharing the Dutch vibes all over the world.